Top 4 English Speaking Fears of People

Learning English can be very beneficial for an individual in many aspects. But the journey of learning English is not very easy for all people. An Online English Speaking Course can help you in this journey but cannot shorten the path.

People in their English Learning journey face many fears and give up very easily. These fears are common and can be handled with a positive approach.

Given below are 4 common fears people face while speaking English

  • Not Knowing Enough Words

It is a very common fear among English learners that they will get stuck in the middle of a conversation because of the lack of words. The fact is, it will happen, and it should happen; otherwise, how you will know where you are lacking. Even if you learn all the words in the dictionary, you will face issues with pronunciation. So it is better not to think about it too much.

  • Shyness

Some people are shy in general, and some feel shy while talking in English only. It is because they are not used to it. Now being shy is not a problem, but a language cannot be learned until it is spoken. Better talk to people with whom you are comfortable, and soon, you will find improvements.

  • Embarrassment

In many cases, you will find yourself in an embarrassing situation where people will be laughing at you or making fun of you. But it is not a very serious thing to think of as it happens with everyone. Embarrassment is part of a learning curve.

  • Accidentally Saying Something Wrong

Yes, that could happen. But you need to understand that it is beyond your control as well. However, you can put your efforts to make things right by telling people that you are learning the English language. The way to get out of any situation is to admit your mistake and smile.

Listed fears are very common among people who are trying to learn the English Language. Professional Online English Speaking Course can help you overcome many difficulties but not fears. So practice as hard as you can, and gradually, all your fears will vanish.