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We specialise in English speaking

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or you know only a little bit of English, our classes can help you speak fluently in a short time frame. The only condition is that you have to be as dedicated to learning as we are.

Wiltshire Academy specialises in language education and its courses are designed by UK based experts, ensuring you learn authentic English. Our specially designed curriculum keeps you at the centre, making it easier for you to learn spoken English.

All our courses are intensive and held 5 days a week to ensure speedy learning. The classes provide you theoratical knowledge as well as practice to hone those newly acquired speaking skills. All our group sizes are small (average 5) to ensure you get personalised attention.

We have the best teachers in the industry 

All our teachers have minimum CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to speakers of other Language) or an equivalent qualification ensuring that quality of teaching is never compromised. We select our teachers carefully and make sure that they have neutral accent and hold a passion to make our students succeed. 

The focus is on your individiual improvement and our teachers will work with you to ensure that your weaknesses are addressed. These professionally designed courses will equip you with the skills you need to express your views eloquently and shape your communication skills to succeed globally.

Wilshire Academy Official Logo Image-Learn From the Natives

All our courses now also include free conversation sessions with a British Native

We offer various courses for adults which are designed by natives to suit different skill levels. You will need to take a free level test to find out which is the best suitable course for you. Our classes are held live and in a small class size to ensure individual attention while providing ample opportunity to practice English speaking with different people on various topics.

Get a limited period 65% discount on all of our courses!

Price: โ‚น 9000 3699 (65% off)

Interact confidently in a simple way with appropriate vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.

Price: โ‚น 9000 3699 (65% off)

Acquire speaking skills for a variety of situations and gain more confidence as you speak with clarity.

Price: โ‚น 9000 3699 (65% off)

Learn to describe experiences, events, wishes and aspirations, as well as briefly justify opinions or explain plans.

Price: โ‚น 9000 3699 (65% off)

Interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity with native speakers without strain for either party

Price: โ‚น 20000 7990 (66% off)

If you are looking for a personalised course then this is for you and will be created bespoke to suit your level.

Price: โ‚น 17000 6990 (65% off)

Brings our Beginner and Pre-Intermediate classes together for the serious learners who are determined to make progress.

Price: โ‚น 17000 6990 (65% off)

Combine our Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate classes together ensuring quick progress in a short time frame.

Price: โ‚น 500

You can now lock the discount by paying the nominal fee and completing the registration. Not to be missed.

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This is a serious learning initiative

Whether you want to learn English for work, higher studies or simply want to improve your general English, join our live online classes suited to your specific skill level. With small and effective class sizes, you can get the individual attention you need to truly enhance your proficiency in English. 

The courses focus on your spoken English while also working on your listening, reading, and writing skills. Additional emphasis is placed on improving your tone and body language.

We also provide bespoke courses specifically designed for individual needs of corporates. Please reach out to us using contact us form and we will be happy to design a course as per your needs.

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