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Best spoken English course

We are proud to present a British English-speaking course which not only makes you fluent but also a confident speaker in English like natives. Whether you want to learn spoken English for work, higher studies or simply want to improve your general spoken English, join one of our courses and achieve success in your personal and professional life.  

Our courses focus on your spoken English while also working on your listening, reading, and writing skills. Additional emphasis is placed on improving your tone and body language. These online English-speaking courses are based on The Common European Framework (CEFR) methodology and are considered the most effective way to learn a language.

Most of the new learners get stuck in poor quality courses and give up on English class. This is why it is important to learn from qualified teachers who are experienced, use quality resources and are engaging. All our online English speaking courses are taught by CELTA qualified trainers which is a Cambridge qualification and considered a gold standard in English teaching.

Why should you learn Spoken English

Spoken English is the most preferred method of communication in more than 140 countries. Fluent English Speaking can open various opportunities for you like better jobs, immigration and improved social status. Many surveys suggest that fluent English speaking can fetch you far higher salary than those who have not mastered spoken English. 

More importantly, in a globalised world, you need to interact with people from various continents. You would have noticed that those who are fluent in spoken English are able to express the issues better and command respect. Success becomes easier if you can combine your technical knowledge with fluent English speaking.

Join one of the best English speaking courses in India and unlock huge opportunities to pursue new hobbies and cultural interest. It is an English class with a difference as you learn using materials developed by British experts. All our classes in the spoken English course help you master a topic which you can use in daily life.

Wilshire Academy Official Logo Image-Learn From the Natives

English speaking courses to suit your needs

We offer various English speaking courses for adults which are designed by natives to suit different skill levels. Across all course, English speaking practice remains at the core.

50% discount on all of our English speaking courses!

Price: β‚Ή 2371 1399 (50% off)

Easiest way to learn English speaking. Learn at your own pace and practice with specially designed self-study materials

Price: β‚Ή 3388 1999 (50% off)

Most effective way to learn English speaking. Learn at your own pace and practice in live conversation classes

Price: β‚Ή 6778 3999 (50% off)

A group learning experience where you learn, practice, speak and excel. Includes access to VoD Plus for 3 months

Price: β‚Ή 11863 6999 (50% off)

A one-to-one personalised course created bespoke to suit your development needs. Includes access to VoD Plus

Our English speaking courses are unique

Our online English speaking course provides you both the options i.e., learn at your own pace using Video on Demand or Join live online English spoken English classes in Cogent Live. You will explore various topics from a day-to-day situation which you can relate to and then build all the aspects of English speaking in those topics.

All our Spoken English courses include vocabulary and phrases used in those everyday situations, grammar rules which help you in structuring sentences correctly and then explaining the correct pronunciation for all those words and phrases.

All the learnings are built around English speaking practice as we believe that the more you practice the more you learn. You can have a look at the demo video to understand our English speaking course in detail. If you want to talk to the trainer and get more details, please feel free to call us or join one of our spoken English courses.


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