Learn English Language by Watching TV in 6 Simple Steps

Knowing the English language is very important in the present time. These days, any online English speaking courses are available on the web and people enroll themselves in these courses to get better in English so that they can grow in life. The best part of English is that its learning content is easily available on the web. One can also learn the English language by watching TV.

Given below are 6 simple steps that can help you to learn the English language in no time.

  • Interact with What You Watch

Watching Television could be a great language practice if an interaction is added to it. Watching TV is an amazing exercise as you can test your listening skills and come up with replies more confidently. It is not boring and can be done as a recreation activity as well.

  • Choose Materials at an Appropriate Level

Now Watching TV doesn’t mean that you should watch anything that is available. In other words, know your and level and then choose your programs and shows. Don’t watch things that are too complicated for you to understand. Also, don’t watch things that are designed for children below 7 years of age.

  • Use Subtitles Judiciously

Subtitles are a big help as it is not possible to understand every word even for a native speaker. The best part is that in the world of the internet, everything is available. You can download the subtitle of a movie, program, or song with just one click.

  • Break Down Episodes into Shorter Chunks

Watching a program or a series back to back is fun but not good for language learners. That’s because one either loses motivation of learning or forgets the purpose of watching something. It is better to divide the schedule either on the basis of the number of episodes or on the basis of time. That’s the difference between studying and just watching.

  • Don’t Try to Translate Everything

A program or series was not written as a means to educate others or to be watched as a language learning program. It was written for entertainment only. There are many things in a show that are fictional and only valid as per the plot of the program. Don’t try to translate everything that you heard. This will only lead to the wastage of precious time. 

  • Look Up Unfamiliar Commonly Used Words

If in a program you found a word that is unfamiliar to you and is being constantly used then you must try to figure it out. You can either use a dictionary or take the help of the internet. In this way, you will be improving your vocabulary and knowledge.

Provided points are amazing and can be used to learn English in the easiest way possible. One should enroll himself in a professional English speaking course to know the basics of English in the right manner. But the provided points are unique as they are very helpful in learning new words, pronunciation, and interaction. Following these points will surely provide great results.