Cogent - One to One


If you need a personalised learning to address your specific weaknesses with exclusive attention, then this course is for you. This course is created bespoke, and you will start at the CEFR level determined by a level check test and the teacher. The course is suitable for busy professionals who want to make a quick progress and willing to work hard to achieve their goal. Please note that we have a waiting list for this course due to its popularity.

Course structure

Courses are created bespoke and can be held one / two / five days a week based on students preference. Each class lasts for approximately 45 minutes and you will be joining at a certain CEFR level depending upon your current skillset. An average student takes a minimum of 2 months of classes and one month of self-study to progress to the next level.

In addition to the online classes, teacher will give you assignments helping improve your learning. You also get access to more than hundred of pre-recorded videos which explain various concepts in an easy way. Additionally, you will also join group of our existing and previous students and practice your spoken English.

Teaching methodology

Whilst you can choose a relevant topic, we have a range of pre-set topics based on day to day life which covers vocabulary, phrases and sentences required to navigate through those situations. Few example topics are - appearances, character, stating preferences and opinions, consumer service, Job types, profession, Career and success and relationship.

In each class, you will be covering certain portion of grammar relevant to the topic and learn vocabulary to improve your pronunciation which covers all the monopthongs and dipthong sounds required to speak correctly.

Cogent - One to One
Course info
  • Price:   £ 47
  • Duration:   1 month (12) classes each lasting about 45 minutes
  • Individual classes which can be customised
  • Once you complete the course, you can expect to:become fluent and a confident speaker within varied formal and informal setups; speak at length with right intonation using a range of vocabulary; explain your viewpoint and improve argumentative speaking; follow a clear structure with required intonation to make your spoken English powerful; and interact with native speakers with a degree of fluency and spontaneity.