Teens English Speaking course


Our Teens Programme is suitable for students in the age group of 14-19 years who would like to build a strong foundation for a bright future. This course will provide you necessary tools to communicate effectively and use it as means to achieve your career goals. Practice sessions are specifically designed to improve your confidence and become fluent so that you can do well in a formal setup like study, interview, work or public speaking.

Course structure

Courses are held two / three days a week in a small group with each class lasting approximately one hour. You will be provided a topic and led through different set ups and encouraged to speak at length. A fully qualified teacher will be at hand to note the errors and provide you a constructive feedback as you go along. Further,

You will be grouped with students from similar skillset and age group. You can join the classes for a few months or longer as preferred. We strongly encourage our students to practice for at least 3 months to start seeing the transformation.

In addition to the online classes, you also get access to more than hundred of pre-recorded videos which explain various concepts in an easy way. Additionally, you will also join group of our existing and previous students and practice your spoken English.

Teaching methodology

Each class is built around helping you become a confident speaker by covering a daily topic where you are encouraged to use a range of vocabulary, phrases and sentence structures. It means you will be able develop fluency to cover a range of topics faced in day to day life like - feelings and Emotions, habits and interests, likes and dislikes, places - countries, nationalities and languages, jobs and occupation, talking about routines, frequency and time duration and talking about past / Past simple / Regular and irregular verbs.

Teens English Speaking course
Course info
  • Price:   £ 25
  • Duration:   1 month (12) classes each lasting about 1 hour
  • 3 days a week classes for Teens in the age group 14 to 19 years.
  • Once you complete the course, you can expect to: develop your communication skills to succeed in a competitive environment; understand different ways of using communication for influencing; become fluent and a confident speaker within varied formal and informal setups; speak at length with right intonation using a range of vocabulary; and explain your viewpoint and improve argumentative speaking.