Intensive Course - II

This course is for those who are begining at the Pre-Intermediate (B1) and want to progress till the end of Intermediate level (B2). At the beginning, you may know just a few words or phrases but with our engaging activities on focussed topic vocabulary and grammar, you will gain the confidence to use English in situations that matter the most.

You will go through a fascinating journey of 35 sessions (classes) and the likely topics you will explore are:

  1. Introducing yourself formally and informally, greetings and making small talks.
  2. Vocabulary for shopping - practice role-playing as customers and shopkeepers.
  3. People and places - countries, nationalities and languages, jobs and occupation
  4. Talking about routines, frequency and time duration.
  5. Feelings and Emotions, expressions for giving opinions.
  6. Leisure and activities - habits and interests, likes and dislikes
  7. Talking about past / Past simple / Regular and irregular verbs.
  8. Seasons and weather, clothes, Future plans.
  9. Food and cuisines – restaurant, inviting, refusing, thanking, accepting.
  10. Transport, street directions, travel
  11. Health, illness, giving instructions, making suggestions, asking and giving advice.
  12. Expressions used for describing family and seeking or providing details.
  13. conversation around food, discuss healthy eating habits.
  14. Clothing, shopping, describing, and buying things, making offers.
  15. Daily routine, good and bad habits, healthy habits, advising and suggesting.
  16. Personalities and appearance, making comparisons.
  17. Work and jobs, making decisions, talking about intentions, giving instructions.
  18. Travel vocabulary, describing experiences, talking about rules and obligations.
  19. Festival and special occasions
  20. Weather and climate, talking about possibility, making comparisons.

Once you finish this English-speaking course, you can expect to:

  • Have a sufficient range of language to give clear descriptions and express viewpoints on most general topics.
  • Show a relatively high degree of grammatical control and produce stretches of language with a fairly even tempo.
  • Interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity that makes regular interaction with native speakers quite possible without strain for either party.
  • Describe in simple terms aspects of your past, environment and matters related to your immediate needs.
  • Gain more consciousness of soft skills like tone and body language and start using them to your advantage.

You will have two tests at this level and will be awarded a certificate if you attend at least 30 out of35 classes. 

Intensive Course - II
Course info
  • Price:   ₹ 17000 5950 + GST (65% off)
  • Duration:   8 weeks
  • 40 Face to Face classes
  • As required based on student's level