Frequently Asked Question -Wiltshire Academy


Q1: How do I know my level?

A1: We have designed a free level test to focus on your English-speaking skills and will help in finding out the most appropriate level. You can take the test by clicking on 'Check your Level'.

Q2: How do the classes work?

A2: Once you have determined your level, you can enrol into any module of that particular level. While we encourage srudents to start with module 1, you may decide to choose any module which suits your requirement before moving to the next level. 

Q3: What is the difference between a course and a module?

A3: A course is equivalent of a CEFR level and consists of 3 modules each. All the three modules cover the same basic structure but differ in topics focussed. Normally we recommend that you complete all the three modules to move to the next equivalent CEFR level.

Q4: How do I choose my schedule and what if the schedule does not suit me?

A4: Classes are held twice a week and last for 90 minutes each. When you join the course, you will be able to choose between the available slots. If the available slot does not suit you, please reach out to us and we will consider how best to accomodate your preferences.

Q5: I have joined the course, when will my class start?

A5: Our classes start on a rolling basis and they begin as soon as the desired cohort of students is formed. On an average it takes two weeks from the time you join to the start of the class. However, in certain circumstances, it may take longer to start the class and in all such cases candidates will be kept informed.

Q6: Tell us about the teachers?

A6: Wiltshire Academy is proud to make British native teachers accessible to our Indian students. All our teachers are based in the UK and are qualified EFL teachers. We carefully select our teachers to make sure they have a neutral accent and pleasant personality.

Q7: What are the system / internet requirement for the online classes?

The following is strongly recommended to maximize your experience as a student:

  • Minimum of 3 megabytes per second download speed broadband internet connection.
  • Desktop / laptop / tablet with 5 Megapixel web camera. While it is possible to access the online class on a mobile, the user experience is not considered satisfactory and is not encouraged.
  • A good quality headset to clearly hear and speak.

Q8: How are the courses delivered?

A8: Once you join, you can start accessing the candidate’s area using the login tab. You would have already created a login id and password as part of the joining process. You can then access your profile and link to join the live classes or watch recordings of your classes for up to 10 days in case you want to revisit and go over the live classes. This area will also host any self study material provided.

Q9: Do you provide a certficate?

A8: We provide a digital certficate once you complete all the three levels of a course. Please note that while you will get a personalised feedback after each level, the certicate can be isued only after you complete all thye three levels.